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Travel Guide: Iceland

And here we are with our next edition of TRAVEL GUIDES!

Going to take this Iceland trip day by day because I think we did it right. The perfect mix of city-life, spa relaxation and adventure. Iceland was like no other vacation. Each part of the trip was so unique and the scenery didn’t even seem real. If you’re thinking about booking a trip - don’t hesitate, you will not regret it.

Day 1

I mean, would it even be a Basically Soho travel guide if it didn’t start with your reminder to book Good Luck car service for your transportation to the airport? They are the BEST.

OK let’s get started - you are flying overnight to Iceland and the truth is the flight is not that long (only 4.5 hours from NYC). This was my first flight flying pregnant (technically I flew to Naples, FL when I was like 2 weeks pregnant so I’m not counting that) - it was not easy to sleep on the plane regardless of having great seats (#deltaloyal) and we were pretty useless upon arrival in Iceland. You arrive so early in the morning so you need a cute place that opens early - here is what to do on day 1.

Lattes and brunch at Cafe Paris: https://www.cafeparis.is/

I love this place so much. We went there every day while we were in Reykjavik. The best lattes, eggs, sourdough toast and blueberry muffins. After your caffeine hits walk around the city, see the rainbow road, start drinking, go shopping - this town is so much fun. Last as long as you can. In our case it was until 2pm when our room was ready. I’m not a napper but we napped on day 1 and it was the best. Get ready and head to a rooftop bar for pre dinner drinks.

Petersen Rooftop Bar: https://www.facebook.com/petersensvitan/ (really fun on a nice day, they have live music and lots of indoor space if it gets cold)

Lunch at Mat Bar: https://www.matbar.is/ - grab a seat at the bar for warm dishes and great red wine

Dinner at Solon Bistro & Bar: http://solon.is/ - (we cam here a lot for drinks and had a delicious salad there for dinner)

Hotel: Kvosin Hotel: https://kvosinhotel.is/ - (central to everything, so cute, your hotel room is like a small apartment and hotel guests get happy hour pricing on all drinks at the bar at all times)

Day 2

Force yourself to go for a run around the city. It’s a great way to beat jet lag and get yourself familiar with the city. Note - the weather changes hourly in Iceland. Day 1 was filled with blue sky and sun. Day 2 was spitting rain, high winds and cold. Bring layers.

Fun Fact: The Kvosin hotel has brunch in the lobby every morning and they always leave out the extra donuts and pastries. I found this particularly exciting considering my current pregnant state. Note - this did not stop us from going to Cafe Paris after our run for lattes and pastries. I wasn’t kidding when I said we went to Cafe Paris every day of this trip.

Lunch: Hornid for the soup of the day, pizza and wine: https://www.hornid.is/ (it’s so cute and cozy here and they make the pizza right in front of you) we were shocked with how good the food was in Iceland.

Dinner: Grill Market - get the corn, the steak and the chicken skewers - you do not’ need a ressie if you get there early and grab a seat at the bar/chef’s table where you can watch them cook: http://www.grillmarkadurinn.is/ (this was by far the best dinner we had in Iceland)


Day 3

Rent a car and drive to the Silica Hotel: https://www.bluelagoon.com/accommodation/silica-hotel

I really loved the Silica Hotel for a few reasons. It only has 35 rooms. You have private access to your own section of the Blue Lagoon. The hotel feels very zen and spa like. Included in your stay are premium passes to the main Blue Lagoon, which you can walk to from the Silica Hotel. I would not recommend staying at the Blue Lagoon retreat hotel because it is full of tourists. The Silica Hotel is a much more private and premium experience.

However, you came all this way so while you’re on the property, you should go visit the big Blue Lagoon and have lunch at their restaurant - just to say you did it. Your premium pass (included with your stay at the Silica Hotel) gets you premium access at the Blue Lagoon so you skip all the lines, you get soft and cozy robes, slippers and a free cocktail at the bar inside the Blue Lagoon.


Day 4

Driving day to Panorama Glass Lodge: https://www.panoramaglasslodge.com/

Guys - I can’t say enough about this place.

This is in the most remote location. You literally need to go grocery shopping before you go because this is essentially glamping. You can cook your own brunch and dinner in your kitchen - it’s the size of a small NYC apartment. It’s so modern/Scandinavian chic and newly built and perfect and a once in a lifetime experience. There is only one glass lodge but they are building more as we speak, so book now!

We were driving around seeing the sites before we got to the glass lodge and we did not feel like cooking ourselves dinner when we got home. Note there is not much around the glass lodge location - your best option is to drive into a tiny town 20 minutes away and go to dinner at Galito.

Dinner at Galito: https://www.galito.is/ (get the pizza, a burger and wine)

Get back to the glass lodge in time for sunset and spend time in the hot tub enjoying this amazing experience.


Day 5

Driving day to see all the sheep, horses, waterfalls and black sand beaches.

Lunch at Hraun: https://hraunrestaurant.com/ (such a cute place, the food and service was delicious, we got pizza again and the fried chicken sandwich which was SO good)


Day 6

Back to the city

Stay at the 101 Hotel: https://101hotel.is/ (super modern and close to Solon Bistro & Bar) - they have a great happy hour in the lobby, get wine and score seats by the fireplace

We did a whale watching tour our last day in Reykjavik. I do not recommend it.

Lunch at Flately: https://www.flateypizza.is/ - more pizza! this place was by the water and super cute


And that’s a wrap!

If you have any questions about planning your upcoming trip or if you need specific details of the driving days, leave us a comment below!