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4 Days in Miami, FL

Hey Hey! It has been 5 months since we posted our last weekend travel guide! That is CRAZY! And for my new followers, what is even more crazy, is the reason for this 5 month break - I’M PREGNANT! I know, pregnancy is not an excuse for laziness or lack of travel, but I promise I am back in the game now. So - let’s recap Miami, shall we?!

Disclaimer: holiday weekend travel is tricky. Miami slows down in the summer because it’s so hot, but they always get a surge of people during the 4th of July and it just seems like they aren’t able to handle such a rush of people in the slow season. “This comment was validated by hotel staff at 3 different hotels*. Just something to keep in mind when you’re booking your next trip. If you can avoid a holiday weekend, I would recommend it. But we work a ton and don’t have that luxury so let’s just dive right in!


NYC People: I’ve said it many times before on the blog and I will say it again. If you’re not using Good Luck Car Service to get yourself from your apartment to the airport, you’re doing it wrong. Another great perk of Miami is the quick flight from NYC. We arrived at the 1 Hotel South Beach swiftly and seamlessly. Of course, an early flight and an early arrival means your room isn’t ready and you need a swift outfit change - from plane clothes to bathing suits.

Perk #1 of the 1 Hotel South Beach - these cute little indoor cabana inspired changing rooms.

I know it is a small detail, but I was shocked how it left such a lasting impression on me. Typically you are changing in a hotel lobby bathroom, lugging your suitcase in front of other hotel guests, and quite frankly you feel embarrassed because you’re so obviously the new arrival who just came off the plane. At the 1 they escort you to a lovely changing area on the spa floor where you can comfortably and privately spread out your suitcase, change, and walk out looking like a relaxed vacationer vs a disgruntled New Yorker.


indoor cabana

the smartest idea for a private changing area where you can comfortably change into your suit before you hit the pool while you wait for your room to be ready

Perk #2 of the 1 Hotel - it is hands down the best rooftop hotel pool. The rooftop pool is 21 & older. Get there early (like 8am) you can bring up an iced coffee / breakfast and relax. It stays pretty tame up there but depending on the crowd it can progress into a pretty fun day drinking party


the rooftop pool at the 1

adults only and fabulous

The rooms at the 1 are large, white washed, spacious and eco-friendly. We paid extra for a beach view, but we were a little far back for my liking. The truth is - you’re hardly ever in your room anyways - I don’t know if it is totally necessary but was nice to have.

We stopped by the main pool on floor 3 for lunch and to grab pool chairs for the day. By the time we got to the pool it was around 11:30 - and you could not get a lounge chair with an umbrella - the place was booked solid. So we opted to eat lunch at the bar in the shade which was lovely.

What to order: caesar salad with shrimp and the chicken quesadilla

The main pool area is huge and beautiful but it’s also a little chaotic and filled with children - so we headed to the beach instead. That is the great thing about the 1, it is such a massive space - your options for relaxing / lounging / eating are endless.

The beach area, while also crowded, was much more our scene. The ocean was amazing and you can order cocktails and snacks right to your beach chair.

What to order: bottle of rosé, the chips and guac, chicken tenders (from the kids menu) - they won’t judge you


the beach scene

at the 1 hotel

DAY 2 at the 1 Hotel

You know how it is on vacation, day 1 is hectic. You’re still stressed from leaving work / travel / getting yourself settled. Day 2 is the time to shine. We woke up early see the main pool completely empty - so different from day 1. We ended up at the rooftop pool all day because it truly is the best spot at that hotel. Below is a list of other fun recommendations if you choose to stay at the 1.

THE LOBBY - so beautifully designed, white, modern and chic. They have happy hour at the lobby bar and live music at night. Order the pepperoni flatbread.

FREE BIKES - there is literally a Soul Cycle connected to the 1 hotel - so if you need your fix, you’re in luck. If you’re looking for a different type of bike ride, head to the lobby at the 1 and sign up to use their free bikes. There is a great bike path all along the beach

FREE TESLA RIDES - the 1 also has their own Tesla, the hotel will drive you anywhere within a 1 mile radius

BREAKFAST - the 1 has the best breakfast in an eco-chic environment on the main floor of the hotel. Order the chocolate chip pancakes with nutella spread (and a green juice) because #balance


DAY 3 - peace out 1 Hotel - it’s time for our Tesla ride to Faena.


Book your stay at the Faena if you’re really feeling luxurious. The vibe here could not be any more different from the 1.


Faena is so grand and opulent - with all of the red and white umbrellas, the golden mammoth by the pool - it screams instagram

Things I Loved About Faena:

AESTHETIC: so many bright colors, umbrellas, interior finds, staircases, gorgeous cocktail bar, it’s over the top and bougie in all the right ways

SERENITY: the pool is smaller but has extra relaxing garden vibes

LOBBY BAR: filled with so many opulent couches and design details and bar snacks

ROOMS: get a room with the view of the pool and the beach - they have huge terraces and the beds are heavenly

SPA: just do it



The Matador Room at the Edition Hotel: order the tacos and the avocado flatbread


Casa Tua: the sweetest garden vibes and romantic Italian restaurant. Order the cacio pepe


Le Sirenuse at the Surf Club Miami: if you didn’t make it to the one in Positano - this is the next best thing. Order everything - also get there early so you can have pre dinner cocktails in the champagne bar



Net net - we loved it and would 100% go back!


Leave your favorite Miami places in the comments below!