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36 Hour Guide: Tulum, Mexico

Full disclosure: our 36 hour weekend in Tulum was spent at the greatest family wedding ever, so because we were too busy having fun with family and friends to take photos for the blog - this post has zero photos and focuses more on content. All recommendations are from contributing editors, our trusted family and friends, along with some commentary from yours truly.


Best Hotels:

Casa Malca: http://www.casamalca.com/en/ - I mean the hanging couch, the white, the minimalism - dead

Nomade: https://nomadetulum.com/ - we just went for lunch, but the wind chimes and the vibes and the food and the beach area - just trust us and go

Ahau: http://www.ahautulum.com/ - eco-friendly, happy, amazing, book it now (we recommend the top floor suite for ultimate insta pics)


Posada Margherita: http://www.posadamargherita.com/index.php?lang=en - the best italian food in tulum with the best views

Casa Jaguar: http://casajaguartulum.com/

Hartwood: http://www.hartwoodtulum.com/ - books out months in advance, if you’re reading this post you may already be too late

Rosa Negra: https://rosanegra.com.mx/en/menu - amazing food and the coolest party dinner experience



Be Tulum: http://betulum.com/

Papaya Playa Project: http://www.papayaplayaproject.com/