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36 Hour Guide: La Quinta, California

Hey Hey! It’s the official first 36 hour guide for Basically Soho!

We recently attended an amazing wedding in La Quinta, California, and we learned that maximizing vacation hours while also making time for wedding festivities is a CRITICAL part of any basic 36 hour trip.

Let’s start with a HUGE tip for our NYC followers. The ride from your apartment to the airport. If you aren’t already - you must start ditching the ubers and start using Good Luck Car Service https://www.yelp.com/biz/good-luck-car-service-new-york - if you are on the first flight out (5am departure) we always fly out of Newark - it is $58 (cash only) and you will be there in less than 20 minutes. Good Luck will also be at your apartment 10 minutes before you tell them to, and early arrival times are something I really appreciate.

Arriving in Palm Springs is the most enjoyable experience. The almost completely outdoor airport really sets the mood for relaxation and the Cali way of living. After a quick 30 minute ride from the Palm Springs airport to La Quinta Resort - we were off and running.

The most amazing part of La Quinta is the separated adult only and “kids included” pool situations - sheer genius. The staff is attentive (more so at the adult pool) and you are bound to have a great time after a few cocktails kick in.

There are great 36 hour weekend restaurants on the property - you really are not leaving the resort once you’re there - just embrace that fact. When time is tight, good food within walking distance (or golf cart ride) is very much appreciated. Speaking of golf carts: fun fact - La Quinta resort is MASSIVE - like seriously I went for a walk to try to get my bearings one morning and almost had a panic attack near the large 1800s villas room block. To be clear - I do NOT recommend exploring alone / or hungover (I was both)

Outfits: fair warning - desert weather is EXTREME - you are 100% wearing a sweatshirt when you walk out to get your morning coffee and your sweating by lunch time. Same thing at night - prepare for temps to DROP when the sun goes down

Amenities are also amazing at La Quinta - tennis courts can be booked for an hour for a small fee - you’ll feel slightly accomplished and sporty and 100% like a retired La Quinta resident. It’s also recommended to take that time off from day drinking by the pool. “Delay the drinking” as we say.

On your way home after a fun filled 36 hours - maximize your stay on Sunday - grab an uber to the airport (we still haven’t found the Good Luck of La Quinta). Our uber driver let us bring road sodas (after we told him our wine to-go cups were filled with apple juice).

Note: Parker Palm Springs had every intention of making it into this post, but - peer pressure from friends to stay and drink by the pool at La Quinta on Sunday got the best of us. Remember - hotels are always there, fun and unexpected moments with friends, aren’t.


xoxo Basically Soho